3D Cone Beam Scan at Implants Pro Center™

At Implants Pro Center, we use the most advanced dental technology to achieve healthy, beautiful smiles for our patients. With high-definition 3D scans, we can plan your dental implant procedure or other dental treatment more precisely and efficiently than ever before. The latest cone beam CT technology at Implants Pro Center allows us to view all of your teeth and the surrounding bone in 3D. Compared to traditional x-rays, cone beam CT scans lead to much more effective identification and diagnosis of oral problems.

What is Cone Beam CT 3D Imaging?

With Implants Pro Center’s cone beam CT technology, an x-ray head will encircle your head for about ten to twenty seconds. Dozens of small, extremely low-dose x-rays are taken from different angles. The “cone” in cone beam CT means the x-rays are focused to the precise area of interest. This minimizes greater exposure and allows higher resolution with less radiation. A powerful computer then combines these different images to create a 3D model of your teeth and jaws, or even your condyles (if you’re experiencing jaw pain and need TMJ treatment) or airway (for sleep apnea cases). On the cone beam CT software, we can view your teeth and bones from every angle–even from the inside. We then measure precise distances and angles and thoroughly plan all dental surgery on the cone beam CT software before actually beginning your treatment.

Implants Pro Center utilizes The Invivo 6

Anatomage has been a market leader developing the most advanced 3D rendering software for both medical and dental specialists for more than ten years. Invivo 6, the latest version, maintains an intuitive user interface, enabling us to deliver a wide range of diagnostic capabilities so you can have the best healthcare.

Implant Planning

Implant planning in Invivo is fast and intuitive. We select the preferred implant product from an extensive library for quick placement. Parallel implant designs, volumetric sinus measurements, and intraoral scan registration is easily accomplished. We provide improved accuracy and visualization for your treatment plan objective in 3D with the most advanced planning tools on the market.

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