Single & Multiple Dental Implants At Implants Pro Center© San Francisco

Many people experience the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth due to trauma, decay and periodontal disease. Dental implants are the most conservative and natural treatments to your tooth loss problems. The surgery itself is usually very simple and painless, where pain medication is not needed on the following day after the surgery. In most cases, when the patient has enough bone, we place the temporary crown(s) on the same day of surgery to avoid social embarrassment of patients, allowing them to continue with their normal life styles.

Cone beam CT Scans are always recommended for understanding the patient’s condition and providing good assessments for a very effective and conservative approach. We utilize CAD/CAM technology to provide you with the best looking restorative result. Therefore, you can have your final crown restoration done to the best health function and aesthetics. At Implants Pro Center©, we pride ourselves in not only providing modern and effective techniques, but also in our services and follow-up provided by our staff and doctors. 

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