Meet Dr. Mohamed Ali, The Founder & CEO of Implants Pro Center©

Conveniently located a block away from San Francisco’s Union Square in the iconic 450 Sutter Medical Building, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer dental procedures that not only push innovation, but are gentle in their application, effectively easing the anxiety some patients experience when visiting the dentist.

Meet Dr. Mohamed Ali at Implants Pro Center© and you’ll learn of his devoted passion in the field of dentistry. Talented to say the least, Dr. Mohamed Ali has obtained doctoral dental degrees from the Aleppo School of Dentistry and the Loma Linda School of Dentistry and has previously held teaching positions in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery departments.

Having patented a new form of implant dentistry known as Meta Implant, patients can expect to be treated by the highest quality of professionals who are always willing to expand the boundaries of what a dentist can achieve. Upon your consultation with Dr. Ali, he will recommend a treatment for you which is effective by nature in the most conservative surgical approach, saving you time and money, with least amount of trauma.

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